Review: WWE Summerslam (2019)

(Written before the show). This Summerslam isn’t one that has me tremendously excited, and that’s probably due to watching Adam Cole v Johnny Gargano and knowing that nothing on this card will top that. Add to that the lacklustre card (with Brock Lesnar v Seth Rollins again and Becky Lynch and Bayley facing off againstContinue reading “Review: WWE Summerslam (2019)”

Review: NXT TakeOver: Toronto (2019)

NXT Tag Team Championships: Street Profits © v Undisputed Era I predicted the Undisputed Era beforehand due to the Street Profits’ appearances on the main roster, but I was more than happy to be wrong, with their charisma endearing them so much to me. I noted in my preview how tag team wrestling is somethingContinue reading “Review: NXT TakeOver: Toronto (2019)”

WWE Stomping Grounds (2019)

Tacoma, Washington, 23rd June, 2019 Honestly, this was one of those shows where I couldn’t care less going into it. The WWE Title match is a rematch. The Universal Title match is a rematch. The biggest non-title match was a rematch. The Raw Women’s Title match was a rematch. Nothing really stood out as amazing,Continue reading “WWE Stomping Grounds (2019)”