Preview: The Flowers of West Drive

In 2020, I released what is now considered my debut novel, The Flowers of West Drive, a psychological thriller about a young woman struggling to survive her tragic past. Here is a sample preview of it. 🙂 Trailer: Purchase is on Amazon (US) or Amazon (UK) here (other locations available). Thursday The scurrying ofContinue reading “Preview: The Flowers of West Drive”

Endless Sleep (Short Story)

Kevin Smith lived alone in his rather large house, and wouldn’t have it any other way at the moment. But sometimes he got lonely, it had been 8 months but he had not wiped it from the front of his mind. He was living in a set routine. He woke up, watched the news, walkedContinue reading “Endless Sleep (Short Story)”

Kelly (Short Story)

2014 The change in her personality from a couple of months ago until now was beyond normal for a teenage girl. While she’s always been a quiet girl, her time spent locked in her bedroom has risen drastically. The teachers had spotted it and passed on their concerns to the parents; at school her homeworkContinue reading “Kelly (Short Story)”

Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree (Short-Story)

‘Don’t sit under the apple tree’, a mum said to her young son, Eric, as he was going out with his three friends to play football. ‘I know mum’ he muttered in reply, clearly having been told this warning before. They all knew the tale, that the old apple tree just outside of the villageContinue reading “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree (Short-Story)”