Top 10 Games that Hold A Special Place in My Heart

I’ve always felt that being my age (born in 1990) I lived through a very good time in gaming. By the time I was at an age to play them properly, the SNES was the king and its games were very friendly towards young gamers. And, as my age grew, so did the sophistication ofContinue reading “Top 10 Games that Hold A Special Place in My Heart”

Film Review: Kidnapping Stella (2019)

‘The film offers so little it leaves me with so little to talk about’   Kidnapping Stella, 2019 Directed by: Thomas Seven Written by: Thomas Seven Starring: Clemens Schick, Max von der Groeben, Jella Haase A German film, dubbed over on the Netflix version, Kidnapping Stella tells the story of two men, Vic (Clemens Schick)Continue reading “Film Review: Kidnapping Stella (2019)”