Films Ranked: M. Night Shyamalan

Film Ranking: M. Night Shyamalan Night Shyamalan has a wide range of films with a wide range of quality and having watched them all for the Success or Failure segment I am now going to rank them in terms of my favourite to least favourite (note: this is not ranked by quality, as #1 willContinue reading “Films Ranked: M. Night Shyamalan”

Success or Failure: M. Night Shyamalan (Result)

Success or Failure: M. Night Shyamalan Warning: May contain spoilers for any and all M. Night Shyamalan films   Once upon a time I decided to add a feature to my website called Success or Failure, whereby I would take a look at either r director’s/actor’s filmography, a more-than-three-movie franchise, a specific sub-genre of filmContinue reading “Success or Failure: M. Night Shyamalan (Result)”

Blog: #09 My 10 Proudest Moments

Top 10 Proudest Moments Recently I completed my first ever half-marathon (13.1 miles/20km), spoilers for later in this countdown, by the way, and it got me thinking about all the other landmark moments or accomplishments that have made me proud, and so I decided to pump them in a list. I completely agree this willContinue reading “Blog: #09 My 10 Proudest Moments”

Blog: #10 Why I Hate: Horror Movies ‘Based on a True Story’

Why I Hate: Horror Films Based on a True Story Recently I have watched two horror films proclaiming to be based on true stories, and it made me realise something: I hate them. I’m not saying I hate all movies based on true stories (although it wouldn’t be far off), as Dunkirk was one ofContinue reading “Blog: #10 Why I Hate: Horror Movies ‘Based on a True Story’”

Blog: #08 10 Worst Best Picture Winners 1970-2017

When I started my film reviews I went through all the films which won Best Picture at the Oscars, started with 2017’s Moonlight before stopping abruptly after Patton (more on that, later). Here is a countdown of my 10 least favourite of those films which won Best Picture. 10) Gandhi, * * * ½ A lengthy filmContinue reading “Blog: #08 10 Worst Best Picture Winners 1970-2017”

Blog: #07 I’m Running a Half-Marathon for Charity

Since the turn of the year a mate and I have started going to the gym in a bid to aid both of our fitness, and while it was off to a good start, illness (and laziness) prevented near three-weeks of attendance and we were back at square one. Our plans in the gym wereContinue reading “Blog: #07 I’m Running a Half-Marathon for Charity”

Blog: #05 Best Middle-of-Trilogy Films

Recently I watched Maze Runner: Scorch Trials and it was obvious throughout the film that it was just made to shift characters from one point to another; most modern YA novels/films need to be trilogies so James Dashner needed something in the middle of the maze and the final battle. It’s a series of battlesContinue reading “Blog: #05 Best Middle-of-Trilogy Films”

Blog: #03 2018 Academy Awards Discussion and Early Predictions

When I started writing film reviews full time back in late-June I always had the Academy Awards as the first long-term destination; last year I had only seen one of the films nominated for Best Picture (Arrival), so I targeted the Academy Awards, and my knowledge of films in each category, as a basis forContinue reading “Blog: #03 2018 Academy Awards Discussion and Early Predictions”