Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree (Short-Story)

‘Don’t sit under the apple tree’, a mum said to her young son, Eric, as he was going out with his three friends to play football. ‘I know mum’ he muttered in reply, clearly having been told this warning before. They all knew the tale, that the old apple tree just outside of the villageContinue reading “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree (Short-Story)”

Book Review: The Unravelling (2017)

Sarah Northwood, The Unravelling, 2017 Sarah Northwood’s The Unravelling is a prequel of sorts to her novel The Volunteer. The Unravelling introduces us to Ryan, a secluded and afraid teenager who has recently lost his mother in a fire, and to Jennifer, one of Ryan’s teachers. From there on we follow two stories, despite theirContinue reading “Book Review: The Unravelling (2017)”

Book Review: Undressed to the Nines (2016)

Jayden Hunter, Undressed to the Nines, 2016 Jayden Hunter introduces us to Drew Stirling, a supermodel who finds herself in a dangerous situation, in this thriller novel, the first in the Drew Stirling series. After spending the night with Lance Boyd, a family friend (and Congressman), Drew notices he left behind a device with top-secretContinue reading “Book Review: Undressed to the Nines (2016)”

Book Review: Then She Was Gone (2016)

Luca Veste, Then She Was Gone, 2016 Luca Veste’s Then She Was Gone is the fourth, and possibly final, in the Murphy and Rossi detective series. Murphy and Rossi are assigned the task of finding Sam Bryne, a prospective MP for Liverpool (a Conservative MP, at that), who has been missing for a few daysContinue reading “Book Review: Then She Was Gone (2016)”

Book Review: Echo Volume 1: Approaching Shatter (2015)

Kent Wayne, Echo Volume 1: Approaching Shatter, 2015 Kent Wayne’s first instalment of his Echo series introduces us to the characters, the life and the setting for his science fiction series. All the inhabitants reside on Echo, a planet humans have inhabited, and the novel takes place some 1,000-plus years in the future with theContinue reading “Book Review: Echo Volume 1: Approaching Shatter (2015)”

Book Review: Expired Listings: Revenge Begins at Home (2016)

M. Barr, Expired Listings: Revenge Begins at Home, 2016 Full disclaimer: As a general rule I don’t enjoy erotica fiction. That being said, though, D. M. Barr’s novel, Expired Listings: Revenge Begins at Home, combines the BDSM lifestyle with a murder mystery novel effectively. There are a few full chapters of erotica but the mainContinue reading “Book Review: Expired Listings: Revenge Begins at Home (2016)”

Book Review: Starved (2016)

Kelleen Silveira, Starved, 2016 Starved, the first instalment in Kelleen Silveria’s Starved series (followed by Maimed), follows the path of Tate Vasilievich, a young woman who wakes up inside a grave only to discover that she’s been killed, along with her mother, and is now awakening as a vampire. Tate befriends Malek, who himself holdsContinue reading “Book Review: Starved (2016)”

Book Review: Grey: A Life Unraveled (2016)

Lee Miller, Grey: A Life Unraveled, 2016 Lee Miller’s debut novel explores the life of a young woman, Sara, who is left as the sole survivor after a horrific incident in her home which left her husband, Chris, and Chris’s assailant, Tommie, both dead. Sara has her friend Beth move in with her as theyContinue reading “Book Review: Grey: A Life Unraveled (2016)”

Book Review: Infected: the Shiners (2014)

Tara Ellis, Infected: the Shiners, 2014 Tara Ellis’ Infected: the Shiners is the first instalment in the Forgotten Origins trilogy, and introduces us to Alex, a sixteen-year-old girl who finds herself unwillingly thrust into a fight to stave off an infection which has come to earth during a meteor shower. She remains unaffected by theContinue reading “Book Review: Infected: the Shiners (2014)”