Blog: #01 Who am I? Second City Cinema? New Ventures for 2018!

Hello all! And welcome to my first blog post. I’m hoping that this can be turned into quite a regular occurrence (just scribbling about any old thing, separate from my film reviews) and I thought the best way to start is to introduce myself and what I’m hoping to achieve with this website this year.

Since a very young age I’ve always had a passion for writing, be it silly little stories as a kid to assignments later on, there was just something about writing that attracted me. I eventually turned to novel writing, and published Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree in January of last year (although I made a writing choice with it I now hate so it is being re-edited for a new release). Writing and making up stories is something I find beautiful, especially as it gives me a level of power and control I often don’t feel in real life. In a story I can be the hero, the villain, the lover, the fighter, the leader, the coward, and have the entire world bend to my wishes. There’s something majestic in that freedom.


This cover is another thing that will be changed in the re-edit.

So, naturally, an interest of mine has always been watching films, as they’re someone else’s story being presented to us. I can’t speak for any other generation but it seems like my generation got lumbered with stupidly-high cinema prices which kept me away quite a lot, and meant that unless I really wanted to catch a film, I didn’t. Recently, however, I acquired a Cineworld Unlimited Card (unlimited movies, £17.99 a month) and I decided to combine this love of film, the ability to watch these films and my love of writing into one. So what started off as a book reviewing website quickly morphed into a film reviewing website and I went full-time with it last June and haven’t looked back since.

Aside from new releases, a large chunk of my film reviews are of classical films: the first large segment I had was And the Oscar Goes To, in which I reviewed all the Best Picture Oscar winners from 1970 to the present day, as well as a few of the early James Bond films, and whenever a film comes out with earlier instalments I review them leading up to it. I actually think there’s more classical film reviews than cinema ones! And this is not something I plan on stopping; as it stands I’m watching a lot of films from one particular area which will start being published mid-February and have many more things lined up for 2018, as now I’ve rebranded my website to Second City Cinema I have my full focus on improving all aspects of it. And speaking of the rebranding; while I started this website as a means to further my writing, the fact it has now become a full-time film reviewing site, I didn’t feel it was fair, or receiving the individuality it deserved by operating under a different name. I batted a lot of potential names around and in the end liked the alliteration in Second City Cinema, especially considering each of my three names has an ‘S’ (I know ‘City’ and ‘Cinema’ don’t have the letter ‘S’ in them, but they have the ‘S’ sound). It also states it’s connected to films while also having its own name, and I like it. Over the coming weeks I plan on completely rebranding my Facebook page, Twitter page and the home page of my site to reflect the new name. And for those interested in buying a new domain name, be warned that you will be harassed by companies wanting you to spend money using them to create you a website. If that’s what you want, then great, but I’ve been inundated with calls and emails in just the one week since I purchased it.

Just a sample of my call log and my email.

And some of you may have spotted I’ve added adverts to the site now; I’m not earning money from them as I have such a small fan-base at the moment, and I hate adverts as much as the next guy, but if I can make anything from it then that’s a bonus, so I apologise for any god-awful ugly adverts you may see popping up here and there, but, unfortunately, that’s the way the online world is these days.

If you managed to read this far into this post, then thank you! And I hope you enjoy my website and my reviews; I’ve got a few blog posts explaining my methodology with my reviews and my particular tastes in films lined up, so, assuming all is well, they should be posted up in due course. Until then, farewell.

Steve J.

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