Film Review: Jigsaw (2017)

2017 in Cinema:

Breathe, 2017

Directed by: Michael & Peter Spierig

Starring: Matt Passmore, Callum Keith Rennie, Cle Bennett, Hannah Emily Anderson


The seventh film in the Saw franchise was titled Saw: The Final Chapter. Well that’s just a lie.

The infamous Jigsaw killer is back, despite the fact he’s dead, and is back to torture another group of people who have some sins in their closet (that the Jigsaw killer somehow miraculously knows of). We follow two different narratives throughout this film: one sees five people trapped inside another torture-house and the second being back inside the hospital where two detectives and two doctors try to diagnose the deaths. As one person died in the game, their body appears somewhere about town, with the Jigsaw piece taken out of them, and left in a place for all to see. But is this all being done by Jigsaw or a copycat?

This film is, as you’d expect, 90 minutes of torture-porn with a twist ending, but, since Saw hit our cinemas, most of the sequels have been like this, so it was a bit of a shame to not have something different considering the seven years which have passed, or a return to Saw’s psychological roots. Instead it’s five people all being murdered/tested by horrifying traps to punish them for their sins. Backs being sliced, legs being chopped off, bodies being mangled up, it’s a Saw film alright.

None of the characters really lighten up the film, with those inside the traps all sinners (and because of the games not afforded much chance for us to get to know their personalities) and those on the outside are all suspicious: the two doctors (one of whom is a Jigsaw fanatic) and the two detectives aren’t at all likeable, which is quite disappointing as it doesn’t really afford us any sides to route for during the film.

But, one major credit I have to give to this film is the editing: one thing I hated about the earlier Saw films was the fast-paced editing with horrible noises over the top, this film has calmed that down somewhat and it’s a really nice change to see. Even though the film is littered with jump-scares the editing is much improved.

It is what it is: a Saw film. It’s nothing new from what the other sequels were, and continues on the tried and tested formula of torture-porn with a twist (it was an okay twist, but nothing amazing). If you enjoy the other films you’ll probably enjoy this one; if not you won’t. I found it okay, it’s fast-paced (more so with it only being 90 minutes) and does hide some of the gorier moments from the screen which was quite nice.


Plot: * *

Acting: * * *

Writing: * *

Presentation: * * *

Overall Rating: * * ½


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