Film Review: Spiderman: Homecoming (2017)

2017 in Cinema:

Spiderman: Homecoming, 2017

Directed by: Jon Watts

Starring: Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Jon Favreau, Zendaya, Robert Downey Jr.


Spiderman: Homecoming is the third time in the last 15 years that we have seen a rebooted Spiderman series of films, but Spiderman: Homecoming stands out uniquely from the rest. A combination of having Peter Parker as young as 15 years of age, no origins story (meaning we do not have to, once again, see Uncle Ben die and have to endure the Parkers’ depression) and the inclusion of all thing Avengers help give this film a fresh, new direction. Having already met Tom Holland’s Spiderman in Captain America: Civil War we are instantly thrown into his school life, where he tries to maintain a healthy school life (including the clubs he’s part of), the girls he crushes on (mainly Liz), his friend Ned (who is unaware of his secret at the start of the film) and helping out as the friendly neighbourhood Spiderman by preventing small crimes. Desparate to prove himself to Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), however, sends Spiderman into situations he’s not fully advanced enough to be able to handle, including attempting to stop Adrian Toomes/Vulture’s (Michael Keaton, American Assassin) organisation who sells alien tech illegally.

As previously mentioned, not having Uncle Ben’s death take up a large part of the film allowed for a happier tone throughout, and the jokes are a constant. Michelle (Zendaya), Ned and Peter Parker/Spiderman all have great lines throughout that keep the tone relatively upbeat despite the gloominess of the situations around.

One issue which may divide opinion (I, in particular, thought it was a bit of a hindrance) was the sheer amount of Avengers in Spiderman: Homecoming. From Tony Stark’s appearances to Captain America’s school vignettes, eve the villain in the piece was making money from alien tech left behind by those who have fought against the Avengers. The title may be a play (as Spiderman is coming home, as well as the homecoming party which ends the film) but they’ve forced the Avengers into this film, whereas films such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Deadpool and Ant-Man all benefited from only minimal, if any, references to the Avengers, whereas Spiderman Homecoming is created by the Avengers, and serves only to get Spiderman prepared for the Avengers.

That aside, Spiderman: Homecoming is a very funny and entertaining film, with a great cast (Holland will have benefitted greatly from having Robert Downey Jr. and Michael Keaton on set), who all act their part effectively, and great special effects. It’s a nice breath of fresh air to the Spiderman franchise, even if it is a little overloaded with Avengers stuff.


Plot: * * *

Acting: * * * *

Writing: * * *

Presentation: * * * *

Overall Rating: * * * ½

2 thoughts on “Film Review: Spiderman: Homecoming (2017)

  1. This movie was garbage. Over 75% of scenes too dark … obscuring the actual flow and enjoyment of the film. Virtually no meaningful special effects. Spiderman’s love-interest will go into oblivion as a stiff, unemotional actress … she bombed. The kid playing Spider-Man delivered his lines to quickly … he’s an amateur actor with a litmited career and doesn’t hold a candle to Mcquire or Garfield. (Micheal J. Fox would have been perfect in the role albeit due to health reasons not to be). This excremental film is a scam and one of the worst Marvel has made. Not only is it overly darkened like a burned steak, the story line is just a lot of helter skelter. Michael Keaton doesn’t hold a candle to Heath Ledgers Joker (some said that Keaton’s villain was the best to date …l baloney). What is amazing is how taken in virtually all of the critics were by this piece of excrement. The movie should be trashed. Shame on Paltrow, Downey etc for their meaningless cameos … their in for the bucks. Nuff said about a worthless vomit piece of trash of a movie.


  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this film. With some scepticism as to how the story of Spiderman was to be told, I was pleasantly surprised with the new plot and character development. Tom Holland gives a fresh and comedic performance as Peter Parker, alongside his sidekick Ned (Jacob Batalon), who to me worked really well together and offered genuine, likeable and believable performances.

    Whilst I do not follow Marvel closely, I feel that this film introduced Spiderman into The Avengers well, and enjoyed Tony Starks (Robert Downey Jr) character and relationship portrayal alongside Peter Parker.
    As a fan of Michael Keaton, I may be biased but I enjoyed his portrayal of The Vulture and enjoyed the plot twist involving his Daughter, albeit a little predictable.
    All in all a good film, pleasantly surprising and kept me laughing throughout, something I did by expect.


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