Film Review: Baby Driver (2017)

2017 in Cinema:

Baby Driver, 2017

Directed by: Edgar Wright

Starring: Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx, Lily James


Baby, the name of Ansel Elgort’s character, is a reluctant, yet brilliant, getaway driver for a crime boss, Doc (played by Kevin Spacey, American Beauty). Baby has suffered from tinnitus, hearing sounds where there are no sounds, and uses headphones constantly to drown it out, even while driving. This adds one of the best parts to the film: the music. A beautiful combination of film and a great soundtrack (not quite as good as Guardians of the Galaxy, but a close second) as we listen to all the music Baby listens to while he’s driving. Eventually Baby decides he wants out of the crime business, but is forced to carry on for the next job by Doc.

As touched upon, the music for the film is fantastic, and this adds to the brilliant camera work and visual effects displayed. The car chases alone are really well done, but the camera angles which we follow the cars round are uniquely different. The comedy instilled in this action film is also done very well. Scenes where we see Baby comically dancing through the streets to the rhythm of his music being immediately replaced by the dark underworld of the robberies are blended in together seamlessly and effectively.

In terms of character performances, everyone played their role effectively, however Elgort was easily the star of the show, with a decent performance as the sometimes-mute young driver, who’s having to film scenes of distressing nature (the crime world, and his lack of interest in it) and of falling in love with Debora (Lily James). The writing of their early romance scenes, in my opinion, weren’t great; it never came across as genuine, and was a bit too quick (more time on that and a little less on the crimes and driving would have rounded their relationship a whole lot more) and that, along with the lack of unforeseeable surprises, are the only negatives in an otherwise fun and action-packed film.


Plot:  * * *     Acting: * * *     Writing: * * *     Presentation: * * * * *

Overall Rating: * * * ½

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