Film Review: Going in Style (2017)

Going in Style, 2017

Going in Style, a heist comedy film directed by Zach Braff, is a remake of the 1979 film of the same name. It stars Morgan Freeman (Willie), Michael Caine (Joe) and Alan Arkin (Albert) as three elderly gentlemen who find out their pension has been reduced, before being withdrawn altogether. Joe then comes up with a suggestion to rob a bank (after witnessing a robbery himself) and eventually gets the other two on board.

With regards to comedy, Going in Style is a film of two halves: the first half is a hilarious film with endless jokes, while the second half takes on a more serious and heart-warming side. The seriousness of the film adds to each character (with Willie needing a new kidney, Joe trying to stop his house from being repossessed and Albert falling in love), and adds to their friendship. However, Joe and Willie’s first attempted robbery (of a local grocery store) is one of the funniest sequences this year. From seeing Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman escaping on a mobility scooter, to seeing them stuff items inside their clothing (ranging from flour to meat), the whole scene plays out beautifully.

Going in Style also has a great cast beneath the lead, with Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future), Joey King (Independence Day: Resurgence) and Kenan Thompson (Kenan & Kel) all having minor roles.

There were some jokes added to the film which felt cheap, and, as noted before, the comedy did stop around halfway through the film, which did take away from the final enjoyment of it as a comedy film, but that being said Going in Style is still a film worth going to see with three excellent actors as the lead.

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